Why buy meat this way?

Flavor – Our cattle are a mixture of breeds including Holstein, Jersey, Scandinavian Red, Shorthorn, and Montbeliarde. Our hogs are mostly Duroc, with a tiny bit of Old Spots, a dash of Hampshire, and a soupcon of Tamworth. 

Quality – When cut, packaged, frozen and stored properly, the meat retains very high quality.

Convenience – Always on hand. Easy to thaw and prepare. And at our end, we accept personal checks and Paypal.

Economy – Buying in quantity means you pay less money for better meat.

Confidence – When you buy from us, you know where the animal came from, how it was raised and where and how it was butchered.  (No more wondering just how many animals are in your package of hamburger.)


New to buying direct from a farmer?

You will find a wonderful Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide (PDF) published by Iowa State University here.


Derrydale Guarantee – if you are not happy with our product, we will buy back your remaining packages of pork or beef.