Pigs & Pork

Our hogs are hilarious and always seem to be having a good time. 

They are a mix of breeds and come in many nifty colors including red, white, black, striped, and spotted.

Living on a dairy farm they get to drink a lot of milk and we think they are SO very much more delicious than anything that comes out of a grocery store.

For butchering, we use several different area processors, including Schmidt’s Meat Market in Nicollet.

Pork Prices

We charge by hanging weight – the weight of the hog after slaughter as it goes to hang in the cooler. The current price is $2.40 per lb  for either a whole or a half hog. A $100 deposit will hold your animal and will be credited on your bill. 

Our hogs usually hang at about 200-225 lb. In terms of wrapped meat for your freezer, a half typically yields about  75 lb and a whole yields about 150 lb.

We do NOT include the cost of processing in our per pound pork price.  There are just too many options that you may or may not want (smoking, curing, various, sausages, pork burgers, bacon etc.)  

Instead, you pay for the processing service when you pick up the meat. The cost can range from $1.60-$2.25/lb, depending on the processor and the options you choose.

Be sure to check out our nifty  freezer rebate  offer!