Beef Info and Prices


  We raise our heifer (girl) calves to be  certified organic cows in our milking herd.  We raise the bull calves (not certified organic) for beef.  Our steers thrive on fresh air, sunshine, grass and wholesome feed, with no routine antibiotics and no hormones to make them grow faster.  


Beef Pricing

We charge on what’s called the “hanging weight” of the animal. This is the weight of the carcass after slaughter, but before it is cut, trimmed and packaged. 

For beef, we charge $4.00/lb hanging weight for beef – that’s for quarters, halves and whole animal. This price INCLUDES the processing cost. If you buy a whole animal, we knock $75 off the total price  We appreciate a $100 deposit to hold your order.

Now every animal is a little different, but this chart shows what you can generally expect:

                            Hanging weight       Cost @ $4.00/lb        Yield of cut and packaged meat        Your cost/lb of meat               

Whole beef:           550 lb                               $2,200                          370 lb                                                           $5.75/lb

                           Half Beef:               270 lb                               $1,080                          185 lb                                                           $5.84/lb

                          Quarter Beef:         140  lb                                 $560                            95 lb                                                            $5.89/lb

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A QUICK NOTE ABOUT SPACE  1/8 of a steer will fit into the average refrigerator freezer. If you order a half or a quarter, you’ll need a separate freezer (unless you are splitting w/ friends).